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The first thing to remember about any anilox audit is that it’s a “snapshot” in time, in that the moment it is done it is already out of date assuming that you continue to use your anilox.

Fundamental information that you would expect from any audit would be anilox engraving, volume, and any obvious damage such as scoring, mechanical impact damage, chipping, general cell condition, and overall cleanliness. You will be surprised how many rolls are sent out for refurbishment when they are simply plugged with ink or coatings so if you are advised to replace an anilox that does not have any obvious damage,scoring or chipping please make sure it has been mechanically cleaned and its volume rechecked before making the final decision to have it reworked.

Remember about the “snapshot” in time comment so you need to act on the audit information immediately. Failure to do so really minimizes the benefit of the audit.