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January 19, 2012

Can you briefly describe how a non-contact web cleaning system works, and how beneficial you think they might be for any printer?

Non-contact web cleaners were specifically conceived and designed to neutralize electrostatic charges and remove unwanted particles of dust and paper from rolls of plastic and metallized film, paper and corrugated board, nonwovens, before the phases of printing, coating and laminating, rewinding, and after the cutting phase.

It is well known that during various production processes, the above materials become electrostatically charged, and therefore attract dust and dirt; paper and corrugated board in particular, tend to release fine unwanted particles during cutting and unwinding, which deposit on printing matrixes with consequent devastating effects on the quality of the final product.

Web cleaners guarantee to eliminate all these problems, allowing optimum print quality and impurity-free finished products.

Certain web cleaners simultaneously clean both sides of the web without touching them. The cleaning heads (through which the material passes) generate turbulent air currents, which produce short-wave vibrations in the web to be cleaned.

The vibrations break the boundary layer along the web (created by the high-speed running) removing the particles of dust and/or paper present on either surface of the web.

The impurities collected by the cleaning heads are then sent via flexible tubes to the filter/fan unit. Removing dust and any other contaminants from the print environment is beneficial to every type of process not only improving print quality but also increasing plate life, increasing machine speeds, improving the general environment on and around the press for the operators, and reducing anilox cell plugging and ink contamination .

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