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May 14, 2012

What determines when a spot color should be used verses building it from CMYK?

This is generally a question asked quite a lot in flexography even though 4 color process CMYK is used frequently, where solids and specific colors are demanded spot colors are generally preferred. Most commonly spot colors are used for corporate logos or other specific elements that dictate a particular shade, tone or vibrancy. It is a common fault in many files transferred from gravure or offset where colors are most commonly built with 4 color process and it is assumed that Flexo can do the same. Spot Colors as a rule tend to be used for all text to maintain legibility and to eliminate any mist-registration in the Flexographic process. It does demand that you are able to print more than 6 colors but as most modern presses are 8-10 colors it is not usually a problem and will guarantee much better quality print. It can be very difficult to print some finer screens with large solid areas for some printers and is usually overcome by separating the solid away from the screen even though they are intended to be the same color.

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