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It is interesting that I should be asked this question as I am in the middle of producing a much longer article regarding this subject.  The fact that the anilox is the heart of any flexographic printing press in itself should tell every operator the importance of maintaining their anilox.  Let’s assume however that you have firstly purchased a well-made anilox from a reputable manufacturer, it is vital that you keep the engraved surface as clean as possible at all times to ensure that it is able to pick up and release a uniform volume of ink or coating across its face and around its circumference consistently throughout the print run and from job to job. Failure to maintain your anilox will result in inconsistent densities, coat weights and print quality, all of which will result in higher scrap levels, slower speeds, greater downtime, and of course less profitability. So is it important to maintain your anilox ? Well unless you do not want to remain in the printing industry for very long I would have to say it is critical and should be the key component of any planned maintenance program.