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Recently, we lost yet another leading Flexographic innovator: Tom Allison Jr. Building on his father’s invention of the first truly effective doctor blade edge finishing machine, which ended over a century of hand-shaped and finished gravure doctor blades, Tom Allison Jr. continued to build on his father’s success and dramatically enhanced his company’s reputation with many doctor blade innovations. To say he will be missed by his many friends and associates really does not in any way reflect the absolute respect that everyone had for Tom and his dedication to the flexographic community. Never one to mince words, but always willing to provide advice and support to any that asked, Tom’s knowledge of the Flexographic process and in particular the heart of the press, “the inking system”, was second to none. His expertise has played a large part in helping our industry achieve the consistency and quality that allows flexography to still enjoy significant growth on a global basis. He became a mentor to many like myself but never demanded anything, not even a thank you; so as he cannot say no need to thank him now: Thank you from the bottom of my heart Tom for your friendship and constant support, you will be sadly missed!