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The following has been taken from an article by Bill Warner of Allison Systems which I feel summarizes much of Tom Allison Jr’s feelings when asked the same question.

With the doctor blade being a critical part of the printing process, if you purchase the best quality and most appropriate blade you can for your application, your doctor blade related problems will be reduced or eliminated. Work with your doctor blade supplier to determine the best choice of material and profile for your doctor blades. Your blade supplier most likely has had experience with the same printing requirements, issues, and problems that you have and will have targeted guidance in the choice of blades for your application.

Regardless of the type of doctor blades you use, material quality is of utmost importance. Protect your anilox rolls and print jobs by making sure basic metal, composite, and plastic blade stock is proven in service and is purchased from a quality source and traceable by the supplier. Beyond the choice of doctor blades, your doctor blade supplier will also likely be able to help with doctor blade usage and safety training, as well as diagnostic worn blade analysis.

About the Author: Bill Warner is a design engineer with Allison Systems Corp. He has 23 years of experience with doctor blades and custom retrofit doctor blade systems for flexographic and other printing processes.