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In my opinion if you were to improve your general housekeeping of your press room but in particular your anilox, you would be able to :

  • Reduce Down time
  • Reduce Set up time
  • Reduce set up material
  • Reduce ink costs
  • Reduce roll replacement costs
  • Improve print quality

All of which will lead to an improved bottom line, but it takes a real commitment and the use of the right cleaning solution and equipment to achieve more consistent ink transfer from the anilox to the plate to the substrate. Whenever I do plant evaluations I invariably find that housekeeping is a low priority and is not taken seriously by many management teams. They claim that it is important but there seems to be little or no real accountability other than to blame the press operator. So please do take a look at your cleaning procedures and if you are not sure what to use, ask your vendors as they will be pleased to help.