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It is this sort of question that probably answers why I see so many presses in such a run down and poorly functional condition. If you are running your equipment continuously, as most companies do, the gradual build-up of ink, paper dust, grease and other contaminates will eventually overwhelm most key components on your press such as gears, bearings, drive shafts, belts, and pulleys. The problem is this can take a while and causes the operator to have to make daily adjusts to the operation of your machine. This will lead to slower speeds, more make ready, reduced print quality and higher waste, all of which will affect your bottom line.

It is vital to make time each day and every week for proper maintenance and cleaning of your equipment and its key components. It is the responsibility of management to understand that good housekeeping practice is essential to maintaining a consistly profitable business and is not something that can be overlooked or ignored. Sooner or later it will, as they say, “stop the press” and instead of a few minutes or hours to make a repair it could take several hours or even days if the fatigue and wear is serious enough. So, how much does it affect your bottom line? In every way and then some!