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Laser technology in itself is a very well proven technology that is used in many industries and used to cut many different materials. With a roll making background myself I can certainly testify to its incredible capabilities in being able to engrave many different forms of elastomers, metals and ceramic coatings. It is certainly the preferred technology when it comes to laser exposure of today’s photopolymer plates, which in a large part has been greatly enhanced with the dramatic developments in software programs that are now readily available.

All that said, I do believe it is the way of the future for die cutting label stock materials but does still seem to be challenged with some materials. To be fair with the constant addition of new materials and demands from many buyers it is understandable that some of the more exotic materials and complex shapes being demanded will be a challenge but as I have found from personal experience the laser manufacturing industry is not slow at finding solutions to meet the many demands that are thrown at it.

Just like digital printing , laser technology has many areas of improvement needed such as speed and heat build up and coping with different stock materials and thicknesses which will all have their own learning curve, but I am certain they will be overcome. So is it proven technology I many ways yes but for sure it will be the way of the future.