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Flexo Market News

Flexo Market News is the only bi-weekly publication serving flexo printers and converters throughout North America.  FMN is devoted to the development of new markets within the flexographic industry and to promoting the strengths and advantages of flexography. Recipients include top level management, plant managers and graphics and purchasing managers.  For those converting tags and labels, flexible packaging, corrugated boxes or folding cartons, Flexo Market News is a must-read for busy executives to stay on top of this constantly growing and evolving industry.

Subscription Rates

1 Year (26 Issues) U.S. & Canada $70.00
2 Years (52 Issues) U.S. & Canada $120.00

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Advertising Information:


Advertising in Flexo Market News is sold on a calendar year basis of either 13 or 26 insertions. Ads may vary in size from a 1/4 page to a full page ad. Inserts are also acceptable. All ads are billed monthly at a net rate earned. Agency commission allowed only if added to net rate. Closing date for materials is NO LATER than TEN (10) DAYS PRIOR TO ISSUE DATE. Reservations for inserts and full pages should be made at least one month prior to desired issue date and materials received no later than two weeks prior to issue date. Black & White Ad Rates

Size Number of Insertions Cost Per Insertion
1/4 Page 13 $310.00
1/4 Page 26 $275.00
1/2 Page 13 $445.00
1/2 Page 26 $390.00

COLOR FOR ALL ABOVE: $120.00 for Standard AAAA Red or Blue or Yellow. PMS colors not accepted. FOUR COLOR PROCESS 1/4 OR 1/2 PAGE AD: Add $290.00 to price of B&W space. Island B&W Rates

Size Number of Insertions Cost Per Insertion
1/2 Page (B&W) 13 $715.00
1/2 Page (B&W) 26 $675.00
Full Page (B&W) 1 $700.00
Full Page (B&W) 6 $650.00
Full Page (B&W) 12 $600.00
Full Page (B&W) 26 $550.00
Full Page (4 Color) 1 $1,005.00
Full Page (4 Color) 6 $985.00
Full Page (4 Color) 12 $910.00
Full Page (4 Color) 26 $885.00
Inserts (2 Sides -1 Page) 1 $960.00
Inserts (2 Sides -1 Page) 6 $935.00
Inserts (2 Sides -1 Page) 12 $910.00
Inserts (2 Sides -1 Page) 26 $885.00
2 Page Gatefold Spread (4 Color) $2,110.00
3 Page Gatefold Spread (4 Color) $2,810.00

Classified Advertising

$35.00 per line or fraction thereof per insertion.
$90.00 per column inch boxed.
Blind Box reply numbers $15.00 per insertion


Please click here for Ad Dimensions and Guidelines

1/4 Page 3 1/2″W x 5″H
1/2 PAGE (h) 7 1/2″W x 5″H
1/2 PAGE (v) 3 1/2″W x 10″H
Island 1/2 4 1/2″W x 7″H
Full Page (Trim Size) 8″W x 11″H
Live Area 7 1/2″W x 10 1/2″H
Full Page (Bleed) 8 1/4″W x 11 1/4″ H
Two Page Spread (Bleed) 16 1/2″W x 11 1/2″H
Inserts (Max. 70# Stock) 8″W x 11″H


For additional advertising information or to advertise with us, please contact:

Greg Kishbaugh

Phone: (317) 306-1060 Fax: (847) 441-5652 Email: flexo@nvpublications.com

Robyn Smith

Phone: (910) 553-4055 Email: rsmith@nvpublications.com



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