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This is a common dilemma for many companies and designers alike wanting to move into the flexographic field.  There is no doubt that Flexo has come a long way and is capable of producing some very high quality print but it does have certain limitations that have to be taken into account at the design and color separation stage.

Unlike gravure Flexo does have some dot gain that can create problems in creating soft gradients, vignettes and it does have a limit to the size of dot it can hold. This means that an allowance has to be built into the screening of artwork separations for a Flexo plate to be able to hold it up and to allow for the dot gain that is inevitable even with the best press and operator.

Registration is another challenge, and inevitably means more trapping is needed than for the same gravure printed image. All this said, Flexo’s ability to print on any substrate, its speed of interchangeability of plates and variety of ink systems, all at an acceptable price even with short runs, is what I am sure led you to add Flexo to your  product offering.