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Flexo Market News Launches “Ask The Expert”


Beginning March 1, Flexo Market News will launch a new feature on its website entitled,”Ask The Expert,” whereby readers can post flexo industry-specific questions. “Ask The Expert” will be moderated by industry consultant Steve Wilkinson with SW Associates in Charlotte, North Carolina, who offers independent technical advice and consultancy services to the flexographic industry.

wilkinson-pic Having started in the flexographic industry in 1973 and training as an apprenticed Graphic Artist,Wilkinson has gone on to help lead some of the most advanced pre-press and on-press supply companies in the world. Wilkinson has spent his career traveling around the world, promoting the cause of f lexography and helping resolve the many challenges that every printer faces on a daily basis.

Wilkinson held the positions of Technical Training Manager and ultimately Chairman of the European Flexographic Technical Association prior to moving to Charlotte. He has made numerous presentations at FTA events, has had many technical papers published and has been a judge for several international print award events.

Wilkinson has developed close working friendships throughout his long career and hopes to use the connections to assist in the “Ask The Expert” feature when needed. “Clearly no one man or woman has an answer to every question,”Wilkinson said,”but with associates developed from a lifetime in the industry around the world I should be able to put them to good use. As I am is fond of saying, I may not have all the answers but I am sure I know someone who does.”

The “Ask The Expert” feature on FMN’s website is sponsored by Flexotecnica, which will also lend its technical expertise to answer questions. All questions should be non-commercial in nature.