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Print Still Works in Advertising

Very few businesses succeed without the use of advertising. Advertising introduces customers to products and services and also helps to build brands and engagement. Online and television advertising receive a lot of attention from advertising and marketing experts and have advantages, but both have pitfalls. There are a number of reasons why advertising in print is an essential component of the marketing mix.

Targeted Markets

As a reader or marketer, you already know that our publications serve specific and highly targeted board converting industry demographics making them the ideal advertising media for your business. Magazines that cater to specific audiences deliver to customers who already spend money on products related to that topic and will almost certainly buy related products in the future.

Reader Engagement

Readers who purchase magazines actively and intentionally engage with the material on the page, including the advertisements. A survey conducted by the Newspaper Association of America found that 79 percent of readers took some action after viewing print advertisements, with 46 percent purchasing something.


Print advertising gives you considerable control. You choose the size and, within editorial guidelines, dictate the content and placement of your advertisement. This helps you ensure that the ad reaches the readers most likely to act on it.


Print publications often command genuine credibility. Our readers trust the information that we print, and your ad will reap the benefits of that trust.

Visual Appeal

A well-designed glossy advertisement creates visual appeal that draws attention. Readers may pause to look at the ad or even return to look at the ad a second time. The longer, or more times, the reader looks at the ad, the higher the chances of the reader remembering the product or service in the advertisement.

Please review our guidelines and if you require assistance or have any questions creating the perfect ad, we can help with that too!